This is the best fruit salad you'll ever make! Not only is it packed with a really great variety of fruits, but it has a delicious, sweet, citrus dressing.

Pineapple Strawberries Kiwi Red grapes Canned mandarin oranges Blueberries Raspberries Blackberries Orange juice Lemon juice Honey Cornstarch

There's 2 reasons for this dressing - one, it's delicious! Adds just a punch to the natural sweetness of the fruit. Two, the acidity helps the fruit stay fresh longer so it doesn't brown or mush up immediately.

I don't think there's a time of day this salad couldn't be enjoyed! Morning, noon or night. But it's the perfect solution for what to bring to a cookout or holiday dinner as well.

Fun ways to enjoy this other than straight up scoop it into your mouth: Serve fruit salad over a slice of angel food cake. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream.  Use it as an ice cream topper!

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