Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup

Indulge in a hearty, soul-soothing meal that's easy to whip up. You'll love that it's versatile to prepare on the stove-top or use your favorite dinner appliance - the crockpot or instant pot.

– chicken broth – chicken breast – oil – celery – carrots – salt & pepper – garlic & onion powder – rice seasoning mix  – flour – heavy cream & milk – long grain/wild rice mix

Season the chicken and sear on both sides. Or, skip this step and use a Rotisserie chicken, adding it in when you stir in the rice.

Cover chicken with broth and simmer until cooked through.

Saute the celery, carrots, and spices together until softened.

Add the flour to the vegetables.

Pour in the cream and milk and stir until thickened.

Shred the chicken and add it back to the pot of broth along with the vegetable mixture and rice. Simmer until cooked.

The rice package seasoning that comes with the rice blend  is completely optional. It will add more flavor to your soup if your rice mix came with one.

To avoid your rice becoming mushy, add the rice in at the right time. That way it won't become overcooked.

Serve with your favorite crackers and a sprinkle of fresh parsley and oregano!

Get the full recipe at the link below!