green chile  cream cheese  queso

Take this queso dip to a party or get together, but take two. Why two? Because the first one will be gone in a matter of minutes. It basically ensures that everyone has a chance to have some.

– Sour cream – Cream cheese – Roasted green chiles  – Sweet whole kernel corn – Cumin – Garlic powder – Pepper jack cheese – Salt & pepper

Queso blanco is "white cheese" in Spanish. This queso blanco dip is a combination of white cheese and peppers to make a flavorful dip. Queso blanco itself refers to any form of white cheese, but in this case, is a dip.

Heat a sauce pan with sour cream and cream cheese until the cheese melts. Add in the chiles and seasoning with the corn.  Stir in part of the cheese and let it get creamy. Add to the baking dish and sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top.

Broil the cheese dip in the oven. Enjoy serving with tortilla chips or pretzels!

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