You'll love making this Summer Pasta Salad for barbecues and picnics to go with classic mains like hamburgers and ribs.

– Orzo – Kalamata olives – Olive brine – English cucumber – Cherry tomatoes – Orange bell pepper – Feta cheese – Red onion DRESSING – Red wine vinegar – Lemon juice – Olive oil – Garlic powder – Oregano – Salt

With crispy vegetables like fresh tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers, tender orzo, briny olives, and a homemade Green vinaigrette, this hits the spot.

Love how customizable it is, as you can make it vegan and dairy-free by omitting the cheese or gluten-free by switching up the pasta.

This recipe uses a yummy homemade Greek dressing to coat the noodles and veggies.

Don’t overcook the orzo. You want to keep it firm, AKA al dente so that the pasta salad isn’t soggy.

You can also add some fresh herbs like fresh mint, fresh parsley, and fresh dill to your pasta salad if you’d like it to have some green color. Both are very Greek flavors.

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