Smoked  chicken breast

Smoked Chicken Breasts are delicious and made in an electric pellet smoker. Even if you’re new to smoking on a pellet grill, this recipe is so easy and quick to make. Perfect for parties, weeknight dinners, and part of a healthy meal!

- boneless, skinless chicken breasts - avocado oil RUB INGREDIENTS - brown sugar - smoked paprika - salt - garlic powder - onion powder - ground mustard - black pepper

A homemade dry rub isn't required. If you prefer, you can use a store-bought seasoning blend or your favorite rub. Just make sure it's packed with great flavors.

When making Traeger chicken breast, it’s important to have the right kind of wood pellets to get the best flavor. – For a strong, smoky flavor, use a competition blend, mesquite, or oak. – For a sweeter smoke flavor, cherry or apple pellets will offer a milder taste.

sweetly splendid tip

While the smoker is heating up, cover the chicken with your avocado oil and then generously rub the seasoning over the chicken breasts.

It should take about an hour to cook on the smoker. Highly recommend using a digital instant-read thermometer to verify the chicken reaches 165ºF.

Give this recipe a try because:  Chicken is easy to prepare! It's a healthy main dish! Your chicken is moist and juicy - never dry! Perfect for meal prep.

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