Cranberry jalapeno cream cheese dip is perfect for the holidays. You can make the cranberry portion of the dip in advance and then just add it to the top of the cream cheese when you're ready to serve.

–  Cranberries – Green onions – Jalapeno – Lime juice – Salt – Sugar – Cream cheese

This dip is excellent to prepare in November and December. You can share it on any holiday table when fresh cranberries are easy to find and you can purchase them in large bags. You'll be able to bring something different!

You will find that people who normally turn their nose up at cranberries like this recipe because of the spicy sweet mixture you soak the cranberries in ahead of time.

The vibrant colors of the dip combined with the simple ingredients make it a great seasonal dip you won't have the rest of the year.

Because it has a perfect balance of creamy, tart, sweet, and spicy, it becomes a dip everyone loves for different reasons.

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