Chili season is a great time of year. It’s perfect for weeknight dinners or even to eat on weekends while watching football games.

Simple ingredients!

This recipe is absolutely delicious. You’ll have small pieces of fall-apart tender brisket combined in a tomato style sauce.

This Texas brisket chili is the definition of comfort food. It’s hearty and filling. Easy to make – it’s really easy to make and doesn’t have a really long cooking time.

Great way to use leftover beef brisket – you’ll get nice little brisket cubes in every bite. Because this recipe isn’t overly spicy, it’s great for serving a family.

Although it seems like simmering it is just an extra step, it really adds a lot more flavor to the entire chili. If you’re a “no beans” person when it comes to chili, feel free to omit them entirely.

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