The seasoned meat sauce is combined with spaghetti noodles and three types of cheese in a baking dish. Rather than traditional spaghetti, you can serve this cheesy casserole with minimal effort.

– Ground beef – Onion – Salt, pepper – Garlic – Marinara or Spaghetti sauce – Uncooked spaghetti – Italian seasoning – Cream cheese – Cottage cheese – Mozzarella cheese

The best cheese for baked spaghetti is a combination of 3 different kinds of cheese.

If you don’t use lean ground beef, be sure to drain it before adding the marinara sauce. Otherwise, your baked spaghetti will be greasy.

When it comes to the marinara sauce, use your favorite. Whether that’s a bottled sauce, a basic tomato sauce, a classic marinara pasta sauce, or a homemade sauce, use the one you like most.

Baked spaghetti uses spaghetti noodles and only has 3 layers while lasagna uses lasagna noodles, has different cheeses, and often has 6 layers.

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