Boursin mashed potatoes are a delicious twist on traditional mashed potatoes. They're made by mixing creamy mashed potatoes with Boursin cheese which is a soft, spreadable cheese that's infused with herbs and spices.

– Yukon gold – Butter – Garlic and herb boursin – Heavy cream – Salt and pepper

Try any of these flavors in these mashed Boursin potatoes: – Garlic & Fine Herbs – Cracked Black Pepper – Shallot & Chive – Red Chili Pepper

In this version, let's peel and cut the potatoes. Add cold water to the pan until they are covered and then bring them to a boil until they are fork tender.

Once the water is drained, add the ingredients to a mixing bowl. You can use a hand mixer but a masher by hand is the best option to avoid them becoming thick and sticky.

It's very important not to over-whip your potatoes. They will get a glue-like texture. This is much easier to do if you are using a mixer. If you are mashing with a potato masher, it’s much harder to mess up the texture.

If you don't mind peels, you can give yourself a shortcut and buy Yukon baby potatoes. Skip the cutting and just put the washed whole baby potatoes in the pot.

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