The best homemade mac and cheese has a creamy sauce packed with flavor. Perfectly cooked pasta shells just swimming in a creamy and tangy cheese sauce.

Simple ingredients!

There is nothing quite like homemade macaroni and cheese. Creamy, bubbly, and so wonderful smelling and tasting. It’s the perfect comfort food.

It’s the family-friendly sort of dinner that brings everyone together.

This version of mac and cheese isn’t dry like a lot of baked macaroni and cheese can be.

It's great when a comfort food dish like this, uses simple ingredients that are easy to find or you already keep on hand.

This version doesn’t have a crunchy topping, but if you want one, you can mix bread crumbs with melted butter before baking.

Freshly shredded cheese is best. I don’t recommend using pre-shredded cheese because the anti-caking agent used to keep it from sticking together in the package also prevents it from having a smooth, creamy melted texture.

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