With a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll avoid having sticky, mushy rice, and instead have the best fried rice at home! You can save money and enjoy the food you crave.

Not only will you have a new recipe for your busy weeknight meal rotation, but you’ll be able to customize it exactly how your family likes it.

You can substitute the shrimp with salmon, scallops, or even chicken. Chicken thighs work best for the juiciest result.

Ginger paste is an excellent shortcut and a great way to not have extra fresh garlic going bad in the fridge.

You don’t want to use fresh rice. You’ll end up with a mushy texture. Cooked and cooled rice will give you the best texture in your fried rice. Cook it up the day before and let it sit in the fridge.

Adding the soy sauce before the eggs keeps it with the rice instead of soaking into the scrambled eggs.

Shrimp Sea salt, pepper Avocado oil Green onion  Garlic Ginger paste Mixed vegetables Cooked rice Sesame oil Soy sauce Eggs

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