General tso chicken recipe

This General Tso Chicken recipe is the best ever! If you are looking for a great family-friendly weeknight meal, this easy “fakeout” recipe is ready in under 30 minutes and doesn't require any deep frying!

- boneless skinless chicken breast - salt & pepper - garlic powder - avocado oil - brown sugar - soy sauce - hoisin sauce - rice vinegar - ginger - red chile puree - garlic - cornstarch - green onions - sesame seeds

Season your cubed chicken pieces.

Heat your avocado oil and begin to cook your chicken. You want it almost done, but not quite when we add the sauce. 

sweetly splendid tip

Combine the ingredients for the General Tso Sauce.

Turn down the heat, add the sauce to the frying pan,  and give it a good stir. Then add your cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce perfectly.

Want more spice? Add a teaspoon of red pepper flakes or just add in sriracha. This way, each person can increase the heat as needed. 

sweetly splendid tip

Serve your General Tso over a bowl of white rice cooked in the instant pot like I do or feel free to make a batch of fried rice!

Give this recipe a try because:  Craving takeout but don't want to spend on it? Try this recipe! Picky eaters will love this meal.  There's no deep fried food in this version.

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