EASY INGREDIENT LIST FOR  DEVILED EGGS Large eggs Dijon Mustard Garlic Salt Pepper Mayonnaise Paprika Optional: sweet pickle relish or tabasco sauce

One look and you might think deviled eggs are easy to mess up and take a long time to put together. But actually, they are incredibly quick and easy to make.

Whether you’re planning a cookout, tailgate, or Christmas or Easter brunch is coming up, a platter of deviled eggs will disappear in no time.

I’ve got the best deviled egg recipe for you below, plus lots of ways to customize them if you like!

You can make them for an appetizer or a side dish.

If you’re not a mayo fan or want something lighter, you can use Miracle Whip or plain Greek yogurt instead.

A sprinkle of paprika is the classic deviled egg garnish, but you can have fun with other toppings. Here are a few ideas: fresh chives, fresh dill, jalapeno slices or pickled red onions.

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