Parmesan garlic breadsticks

Buttery, fluffy, flavorful garlic breadsticks made from scratch. A recipe that is easy to make and pairs perfectly with your favorite meal.

– Yeast – Oil – Honey – Salt  – Flour – Butter – Garlic powder – Dried parsley – Dried oregano – Parmesan

Using a mixer with a bread hook will make the kneading of the dough faster.

You'll enjoy these garlic breadsticks recipe better than any copycat Olive Garden breadsticks recipe. Brushing them with the butter and herb mixture before baking adds a next level flavor to the breadsticks.

When you add the yeast to the warm water it should foam. If it doesn't foam, it means your yeast is not good any longer.

Scoring the breadsticks isn't required, it just makes them easier to pull apart.

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