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Hi, I’m Kara! I’m a recipe developer, photographer, business owner, human and dog mom, and creator behind Sweetly Splendid.

Ever since I first stepped up on the stool in my Grandma’s kitchen at 3 years old, I have loved to cook for others and see how it can put a smile on their face. As a 6th generation Texan, I cook comforting and nostalgic Southern, Southern-inspired, and Tex Mex recipes with passion and love. Whether savory or sweet, food equals smiles and putting smiles on the faces of friends and family is one of the best ways to show you love them.

Can you relate? Great!

Sweetly Splendid is the place where I bring you classic and traditional Southern and Tex Mex recipes. But, I have also found ways to cook these same foods faster while still keeping them authentic. I have so many tips and tricks for saving time to share with you! That means, you can cook the food you and your family love not just on the weekends when you have more time, but also during the busy weekdays!

kara myers holding a mixing bowl with a whisk

What you will get in my recipes

My food philosophy is that any food can fill you up, but your cooking is what makes the people you love feel like they matter and feel special. All it takes is learning some simple tips and tricks with my recipes and you can cook food that makes others feel special – everyday!

I promise to help give you confidence in the kitchen with:

  • High quality, but approachable Southern and Tex Mex recipes
  • Time-saving tips, tricks, and strategies for the busy week
  • Traditional and classic recipes from scratch when you have more time on the weekends
  • And special recipes for parties, gifts, and just to say I’m thinking about you.

Southern food is rooted in tradition, but I make it approachable for you!

What makes Sweetly Splendid unique is my passion for food. Even though I’ve been cooking for many years and don’t necessarily need to use recipes, I understand that not everyone is there yet. I teach you to cook food in a way that will not overwhelm you. It’s like learning from a friend. Every recipe will give you a great way to feed your family with tips and tricks to not only save your time, but also your sanity.

Media Features

Kara and Sweetly Splendid have been featured in Woman’s World, Redfin, The Best Life, MSN, Food & Wine, Mashed, Eating Well, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Grill Like a Mother Podcast, and The Paradigm Shifting Podcast.

Where to start on this blog

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More about me…

I always felt special and loved when my Grandma cook for me and my family. Ever since I first stepped up on the stool in my grandma’s kitchen at 3 years old, I’ve absolutely loved cooking food for others. At 7, I would cook for my Grandma’s work luncheons. I saw how my food could make people happy.

As I grew up, I would make food for friends and family in times of need or holidays and saw how it made them feel like they mattered. Now, I cook for my family every night at dinner because again, it shows them they matter, it makes them feel special, and helps me to connect with them.

This is where my passion comes from… knowing that taking that time (whether it’s 10 minutes or 3 hours) to make food for someone shows them they matter and that they are loved.

Brand Collaborations

Sweetly Splendid has had the pleasure of working with great brands including Almond Breeze, Weber, Weight Watchers, Hellmann’s, Gortons, and Tyson.

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