Food Blogger 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

I love helping others. In my one-to-one mentorship and coaching for food bloggers, I help fellow food bloggers grow their business, get focused, and increase their revenue.

There is so much that goes into blogging and finding what works best for you is the key to growing and making profit. 

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s about what’s right for your business, not what the industry says you need. 

With my person-first approach, I see the person, not just the business. Because at the end of the day, burnout won’t make you profitable. 

We’ll work together to pinpoint bottlenecks, make customized solutions, and provide actionable steps in a 1:1 environment that fits in with your life and your time constraints. 

Your blog and your success are the priority and main focus of every coaching session. My coaching program isn’t just another blog coaching system where you get a generic list of things to do. 

Do you struggle with…

  • Overwhelm when it comes to your food blog?
  • Knowing where to focus with your blog?
  • Figuring out where to spend your time?
  • Feeling frozen and paralyzed on what to focus on next?
  • Staying consistent with your blog because you feel pulled in too many directions?
  • Feeling stressed about not being able to get to it all?
  • Having too many things to do so you end up not accomplishing anything?
  • Knowing how to transition from your food blog being a hobby to a full-time career?
  • Figuring out how to monetize?
  • Knowing how to really grow your page views?

Are you looking for…

  • Someone to help guide you and provide you with steps to help you have a successful food blog?
  • A mentor & coach who can give you guidance on how to get the best results from your efforts?
  • A fellow food blogger who has experience and fully understands these struggles and still puts in the work herself without subcontracting everything?
  • A mentor who can help you with specific solutions for your blog instead of providing you generalized and irrelevant information for your blog size?

Who I am

I’m Kara, the recipe developer and creator at Sweetly Splendid. I started Sweetly Splendid in 2013 as a hobby before converting it into a full time career.

I’m what’s called a “serial entrepreneur” and have founded (and continue to own) multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses. Starting and growing companies is something I truly enjoy, but food blogging is my true dream job.

I’m a busy mom and wife who understands the struggle to focus time and effort on the things that truly move the needle forward in the limited amount of time I have.

Who my coaching and mentorship works best for…

  • those looking for help with increasing revenue
  • bloggers looking to develop systems and automation to get organized
  • full and part-time bloggers who need help evaluating their ROI
  • bloggers looking for help developing strategies and plans to grow their business
  • part-time bloggers wanting and ready to work to go full time
  • bloggers who are struggling with being overwhelmed and deciding where to focus their time and efforts
  • bloggers who may have limited time and want to be sure they are focusing on the right strategies to get the best return on their time
  • bloggers looking to grow their traffic
  • those looking to qualify for ad networks
  • someone trying to navigate brand deals
  • bloggers looking for guidance on diversifying income and monetizing their blog

What I do…

  • Help you set goals
  • Provide structure and focus
  • Help you get focused and organized
  • Help you pitch brands, work with brands, find brands
  • Help you decide which monetization method to focus on
  • Help you determine how to diversify your income
  • Help with content planning
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Provide two 1:1 coaching calls per month
  • Provide a private Slack channel to ask any ongoing questions


If you’re interested in working together, I would love to chat with you about how we could work together to grow your business.

You can access my schedule here to find a time that works best for you. We’ll chat and go over what you’re looking for and you can decide from there!