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We make meals your whole family will love with alterations for picky eaters and to even lower the calories. We help you
take the stress out of dinner time.


Hi! I’m Kara!

Since I first stepped on the stool in my Grandma’s kitchen at 3 years old, I have been cooking food to see people smile. Sweetly Splendid is where I show you how to cook comforting and nostalgic Southern and Tex Mex recipes even on busy weeknights, so your family feels special every night.

Freezer Friendly Recipes

Our Freezer Friendly recipes are a great way to have some make-ahead meals on hand to use for a busy weeknight or when you just don’t feel like cooking. It’s a great alternative to take-out.

Main Dishes

Main dish entree recipes your whole family will love to help you take the stress out of meal time. Everything from pasta to chicken to beef.

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Dessert Recipes

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Vegetarian Recipes

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