How To Create a Meal Plan and Shopping List

Adding recipes to each day of your meal plan

  1. When you’re signed in, you will go to “Recipe Collections” and choose “Weekly Meal Plan”.
  2. Once you’ve chosen this option, an empty meal plan template will populate with each day.
  3. Click “Add Item” and you can start typing to search for a recipe. You can also choose the drop-down menu to add a recipe from your collection or even add a custom recipe.
  4. Click the + sign next to the recipe you want to add to that day.
  5. The recipe is now added to your meal plan.

Moving recipes between days of the meal plan

If you want to move a recipe to a different day, simply rearrange them by dragging and dropping them on to the day you would like.

Remove a recipe from your meal plan

To remove a recipe from your meal plan, click the 3 small dots under the recipe name and select “Remove Item”.

Change servings, view the recipe, or duplicate it

To change the number of servings you can use the + / – signs on either side of the servings amount.

To duplicate an item, click the 3 small dots under the recipe name and select “Duplicate Item”.

To view the recipe, you can either click the name of the recipe or click the 3 small dots under the recipe name and select “View Recipe”.

Access your shopping list

Once you have populated your meal plan with the serving sizes, you can print your shopping list.

At the top of the list, there is a small shopping cart icon. Click the icon.

A screen will pop up that allows you to customize your list to include ingredient notes, select a unit system, and select the days you’d like the list to include. You can also adjust serving sizes once you select the days.

Once you’ve chosen your selections, click the shopping cart icon at the top again.

Your shopping list will populate and you can edit the list, share a link to it, and print it using the icons on the top corner.