crepes filled with blueberries and whipped cream

My favorite Basic Crepe Recipe

Crepes have always been one of my favorite desserts… and breakfast desserts if I’m being honest here. When I was younger, this woman from my hometown would make a bunch of them for the senior center. She filled them full of the best stuff. I vividly remember the first time I tried one and fell in love. I even went so far as to make them on a regular basis at home and asked for a crepe pan for Christmas. These days I definitely don’t make them as often, but I do enjoy them just as much. I also realized I never really needed a special pan because a typical skillet works just fine.

Simple Crepe Recipe ingredients

  • unsalted butter
  • milk (I personally use 2%)
  • eggs
  • all purpose flour
  • sugar
  • salt
crepes filled with blueberries and whipped cream

How to make this Basic Crepe Recipe

  • You’ll need to combine all of your ingredients in a bowl until it’s smooth and well combined.
  • Heat a flat bottomed skillet (approximately 8 inches or larger) over medium-high heat. You need to find the delicate balance in heat. It needs to be hot enough to begin cooking the crepes immediately, but not so hot they burn.
  • Grease your pan with oil or cooking spray. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You’ll need to do this between each crepe.
  • Scoop your batter in the pan and immediately tip and move the pan around until it’s spread evenly across the bottom in a thin layer.
  • As soon as the edges begin to curl slightly, flip and cook the other side until cooked through. It won’t take long!
  • Lay your crepes out with wax paper between to avoid sticking.
  • Fill them with your favorite filling!

Homemade Crepe Recipe tips

  • It is extremely important to grease your pan between crepes. If you don’t, they will stick (even with the best of non-stick pans) and you’ll be frustrated and want to quit.
  • Try to get your batter as smooth as possible. Crepes are very thin so if you have lumps in your batter, they will be noticeable when they are cooked.
  • The second side cooks quickly so don’t walk away!
  • Truly the best way to flip a crepe is just using the pan and some good wrist action. You can totally use a spatula, but give it a shot without. If you grease the pan properly, you’ll notice they slide very easily.
crepes filled with blueberries and whipped cream

How to serve this Perfect Crepe Recipe

Crepes can be served sweet or savory.

For sweet crepes, fill your crepes with:

  • cream cheese
  • nutella
  • strawberries
  • whip cream
  • bananas
  • peanut butter
  • jam
  • chocolate chips
  • caramel sauce
  • melted butter & granulated sugar

For savory crepes, fill your crepes with:

  • sauteed vegetables like mushrooms, onions, spinach, and zucchini
  • cheese
  • ham
  • turkey
  • steak
  • potatoes
  • bacon
  • smoked salmon

How are crepes traditionally served?

Crepes are traditionally served either filled or topped with savory or sweet toppings.

How do the French eat their crepes?

The French often eat their crepes the same way most do. Filled or topped with savory or sweet fillings. They rarely eat them plain.

Storing this Classic Crepe Recipe

Crepes can be stored in an airtight container with parchment paper or wax paper between to keep them from sticking. When stored properly, they will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator.


Yes! They actually can. I’ve both made them a few days ahead and kept in the refrigerator and also frozen them. The important thing is to keep that wax paper between them!

Traditional Crepes FAQs

Is crepe batter the same as pancake batter?

No, crepe batter is not the same as pancake batter. Pancake batter rises while crepe batter does not.

Should crepe batter be thick or thin?

Crepe batter should be thin so it can be easily spread.

What is the secret to great crepes?

The secret to great crepes is to not only have an excellent batter recipe, but to cook them properly and keep them thin without overcooking them.



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Traditional Crepes

By: Sweetly Splendid - Kara
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Prep 5 minutes
Cook 10 minutes
Total 15 minutes
Servings: 22 crepes



  • In a mixing bowl, combine butter, milk, and eggs. Beat mixture well until combined. 
  • Heat a flat bottomed skillet (approximately 8 inches) or crepe pan over medium-high heat. 
  • Once pan is hot, grease pan lightly with oil or cooking spray (THIS IS IMPORTANT). You will want to grease the pan between each crepe. This will make or break your crepes, literally. 
  • Scoop about 1/4 cup of batter into the pan, immediately tipping and moving the pan around until it’s spread evenly across the bottom in a thin layer. 
  • As soon as the center starts to set and the edges curl slightly and dry, flip and cook the other side very briefly until cooked through. 
  • Lay your crepes out with wax paper between until you’ve finished cooking them  all. Once complete, fill with your favorite filling, roll up and enjoy! 


  • It is so very important to have a greased pan between each crepe. The batter will stick if you don’t and your crepe will be ruined. 
  • I know this is easier said than done, but the best way to flip crepes is just flipping them with the pan rather than a spatula. It’s easier than it looks, give it a shot! 


Serving: 1serving, Calories: 52kcal, Carbohydrates: 6g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 2g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.2g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Trans Fat: 0.1g, Cholesterol: 38mg, Sodium: 73mg, Potassium: 39mg, Fiber: 0.2g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 95IU, Vitamin C: 0.03mg, Calcium: 23mg, Iron: 0.4mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: French

Hi! I’m Kara!

Kara loves all things food and spending time with her family and dogs. She has a passion for cooking and loves making yummy, family-friendly recipes.

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